We want space cloud !

Yes we want space cloud. We want our data to be in the most secure place in the galaxy, which means outside our planet. Why ? Because space is not part of any country and thus not governed by any law.

Indeed some countries in the world has established law that authorizes them to get data from in country AND out of country cloud data center. Which means that potentially, no matter where your data are, someone can access it in a lawful way. Forget encryption which is anyway limited to 256 bits and easily breakable.

Space is not a country, it’s not governed by any law. So we can imagine many ways to encrypt our data using 2048 bits mechanism and access them remotely. The new Low Earth Orbit satellite networks (SpaceX, OneWeb…) will considerably lower the cost of satellite connection. So we can imagine high speed data transfer at an affordable price.

Of course there are challenges like how to power these space datacenter but technology like SSD and solar panel can be combined to provide a sustainable solution. After all, the farer we get from our planet, the closer we get to the sun and it’s almost unlimited energy.

And you, what do you think about space cloud ? Tell us in comments.